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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Girls Making Merry

If there's one thing that is worth hours of cleaning and food prep it is having friends over to celebrate.

Put out a good spread and get a good bar going.  

Fill the room with people who make you smile and laugh.

A Yankee Swap adds to the festivities.  Everyone goes home with a gift.
Sometimes with their own gift ; )

The specialty drink this year was champagne punch courtesy of Kathy.

Some funny napkins from Pam's mother.

And a gift to me of the prettiest bottle I've seen all year~!
Reflecting on the past year these were the faces I saw most of all. Many others near and far would be included to round out my perfect crew, but all affirm to me the good things in my life.  A toast to all of you who raise me up.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Wrappings

Dear Lord, may one year not be a blur.  I confess to not knowing the secret to keeping the holidays neatly organized in your pocket.  My friend used to pool the money and instead of individual gifts, the whole family would go on a great vacation right after Christmas.  I shall offer that idea up next year!

One small way that makes me feel crafty and a wee bit in charge of things is making my own tags.

These are great, bright and festive!  But it's fun to make your own, too.

Just buy some tags at Staples.  Then use your favorite catalog or magazine, my preferences are Ballard Designs and Garnet Hill.  Cut out cute things...anything will do.  A glue stick as an adhesive works perfectly.

And off to the teachers go the gifts.
Merrily we roll along.
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