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Friday, June 25, 2010

My baby is 9

A rousing celebration we did have on the first day of summer, Ronan's official birthday. He turned 9. Last year we tried to do an outdoor event and it rained and it was postponed and it rained and finally somewhere around the end of July we were able to have the party. Although a little hot, it was perfect weather for a pool party. We don't actually have a pool, but my Brother Jay and his wife Catherine do, and they were generous enough to let us crash at their place.

If I was a 9 year old boy, this would have been my perfect afternoon. We had sack races...
and obstacle courses...
and we had cake and ice cream.
Since the There's no getting around it. Everything about them is identical.

My Ronan, enjoy your membership to "Club Penguin" from your friend, Brian. These scratchy little handwritten notes are fleeting (and precious). May you stay forever young.
The whole family took part in this party!
The brothers were only too "happy" to lifeguard a gaggle of 9 year old boys.
On the count of 3! The only problemo was that I forgot to take on "before" they jumped in and then the day got busy and I never did get another group photo! It happens, people, it happens. Even when the mom tries really, really hard!
What's a backyard pool party without a pie eating contest? When we told the boys about the pie eating contest, I must say right then and there in the most unexpected place came bubbling up our societal pampering of these children. Remember when we were 9, she says like an elder ; ) It would have been "PIE! REALLY? AND IT'S NOT THANKSGIVING??" These coddled ones, "what kind of pie?" "I've never had boston creme pie before" "I don't know if I should" "I might get sick". Seriously.

Now I can't say I have not added to the problem. I make sure my youngest is cozy and comfortable and secure at all times. I wanted him to bring a blanket and a travel pillow on the plane when he traveled with his father to visit family in Florida. So Rich informed him that "real men don't bring blankets on the plane" and we all laughed about it. But it's true, really.

So I will teach you what I can teach you and your father will teach you his perspective on the world. I heard from many people when you were born that "he will be the joy of your life." Just sayin' with a 6 and 8 year old in the house already and chasing the heck out of you for 4 years I just didn't see the "joy" part. The cracking up part, yes. The taking care of part, yes. The accomplishment part (look at all of these boys that I gave birth to!), yes. I always thought it would just be Brady and Carter so when you came along, well, I am still surprised!

But let me say, without question, as we grow together you are most assuredly the joy of my life. Without being completely maudlin...ok, sometimes I quote "our" song that I thought fit us as soon as I heard it "God Bless the broken road that led me straight to you."
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recital Days

I admit it, I bribe my son to take hip-hop. It's his 3rd year and he really likes it and gets a good workout from it. But let's just say that I don't think he would "volunteer" to go if there were not a little payment involved. I danced for 10 years and so these hours of dress rehersal and recitals don't bother me at all.
Little Miss Tap. These wee ones were waiting to go on stage and in the 15 minute period they were "without" their parents, many had little meltdowns.
I brought Legos, knowing from year's past there's not much to do in the "waiting room" so he was perfectly happy.
Here's his group, waiting to go on. 10 girls and 3 boys in the dance. They did a great job!
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Harvard calling....

"We are writing to offer our congratulations on your academic achievements and to encourage you to consider the opportunities available at Harvard as you plan your academic future."
I know they send out thousands of these. I know we get something from a different college every day during this all important college planning time between junior and senior year. I know that they base it on test scores and they don't know anything about my kid - YET! But it's not a bad day when Harvard comes calling in the mail to your son. 'Cause sista there was no app to Harvard addressed to his momma in 1978! Just holding it my hands made me proud.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Favorite Summer Show...

ah, fix yourself something cool and perhaps a little decadent and go vacation for an hour. My absolutely favorite show of last summer and I am giddy that it has been brought back this summer is "Royal Pains." It is about a "concierge doctor" for hire in the Hamptons. He is somewhat of a medical McGyver, rescuing the rich and secretive from near death experiences with nothing more than his medical bag.
Ok, here are the brothers, handsome Dr. Hank Lawson and his financially challenged brother Evan. This is the carriage house they live in for free...
the beautiful assistant, Divya. She is committed to an Indian man who she does not completely love but is going through with the wedding plans for her family.
the very handsome Dr. Hank. Practical, smart, sexy and can bring anyone back from the near-dead.
Marcia Gay Harden shows up as Dr. Elizabeth Blair a very bossy doctor at the Hamptons Hospital who is used to getting things her way.
and in the last 30 seconds of last week's episode, we hear the Dr. Hank and Evan's no-good daddy is about to emerge...and is no other than Henry Winkler. Bring on the fun.
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Zexy Campbell Scott plays billionaire Boris Kuerster VonJurgens-Ratenicz. Memba him from "Singles"? I was just nowhere near your neighborhood...I guess you have to have seen that movie a dozen times like I did. I will love him forever as that handsome city architect.
The fun for the viewer is that for those rich enough to have their own private summer doctor, where they live is well, they've called it "real estate porn." They said it, not me.

Even on the Hamptons, I didn't imagine a place like this. I mean I am pretty familiar with Kennebunkport, Maine (The Bushies don't even live in a house this big) and the Vineyard (where you get elegant clapboard) but the money in the Hamptons is a whole different kettle of fish.
Boris getting his hair cut on his estate in front of his fountain. That happens at your house, right? The concierge Dr. Hank and his brother were invited to live in his carriage house while the doctor tries to figure out exactly what this mystery illness is and help discover a cure. See, told ya, what's more fun than this? Thursday nights. USA. It's not Sex and the City, but it's the next best thing, IMO.
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Queequeg" - the finished product...

The achieved look was complete by keeping enough hair to make a "top knot",
and a beautiful (temporary) Mendhi tatoo that I drew on his arm. That was a fun - but unexpected - artistic experience! Life with kids...if you had told me that when I got up that morning I'd be tatooing my son by nightfall, I'd have asked you what you were drinking. The effect seemed to be as desired, shock and awe, and hopefully an "A" from the teacher.
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Carter Darter

"No, Mom, really, it's for English class. We are all dressing up like a character in "Moby Dick" and I want to be Queequeg, the savage guy." "Ummm, can I shave my head?"
So always being up for an adventure in life, I told him "yes". So yesterday I watched...bravely... all of his beautiful thick hair fall away. So beautiful it should not be wasted on a boy. In the summer, dang him, he gets these natural highlights that last him almost until the next summer.
The stylist was having fun, but gone is the great "soccer" hair that effortlessly falls right back into place after running up and down the field and looks better at the beach with a little salt in it.
This mat was clean when she started. The kid had a lot of hair - beautiful hair - did I already say that?
Little brother can't stop touching the close shave. Mother is just waiting for it to grow back. (secretly I think Mr. Carter is, too - and oh by the way, after the big "Moby Dick" dress up English class today...we headed back to the barber's and they took the front bit off - no charge)
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the garden is rockin'

No rhyme or reason at the beginning of planting this pretty garden by my side entry. It gets a ton of sun so I put in everything I knew
that could take it. Thinking back I always was envious of people who could have such a garden and was sure that you had to go to "garden college" or something to make it happen.
I do water every day and am very pleased with the performance of these flowers! But really, just a little knowledge about sun versus shade, perennial versus annual, lots of water and you are off and running. 15 years ago, I just had 4 pots in the front yard of our house in Georgetown. 4 pots of different flowers on the front stoop. I thought I was so clever ; )
They are waving at you - wave back!
Pansies still ok. I find the little yellow ones get beaten up by the sun. They probably won't be around too much longer, but everything around them are still getting bigger and greener. I am starting to be a satisfied gardener.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a little shoe issue...

this weekend we had to face it head on. The shoe problem. Truthfully, momma is the only one who has "too many"'s just that there are 5 of us here and we are on the very verge of summer and our winter boots are still in the kitchen closet. So we just pulled them all out into the light of day, tried them all on and let's just say that 10 people will be very happy with practically brand new shoes and boots that all have grown out of.
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On Memorial Day...

we are proud to march with the Scouts...
and proud to march with the Band...
and proud to honor those who sacrificed...
and happy to have good friends.
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