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Friday, October 28, 2011

Intersecting Seasons

This year in Massachusetts we had an unbelievably long growing season. Mild temperatures lasted and lasted and lasted. It is very unusual that almost until the end of October we still had blooms on flowers. Until last night that is, when we got our first blast of 30 degree temps and a few hours of wet rain and snow.

The morning glories, you gotta give them credit, they've got heart.

The Montauk daisies upright and standing at attention yesterday, have fallen like wounded soldiers.

And the sudden glaze on my back table left leaves fossilized under the ice.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Halloween Howl

Can't imagine...from a parent's point of view...who was the first to hatch such an idea. Let's have an event called the Halloween Howl, plan games, prizes, food and decorate the heck out of the elementary school and invite all the students and their younger siblings to have the run of the place for two hours. But it has existed for the 8 years our family has been part of this school.

Of course, no event is perhaps more anticipated by the kids and well, kinda dreaded by the parents. It's wall to wall kiddos from babies all the way to 10 years old. Lots of games in the hallways, face painting, a dj, food in the cafeteria, two hours of rock and rollin' fun. Just back from this event, I am enjoying a glass of pinot noir right now. Ahhh, silence is golden, or does that just mean I am getting old? I hope not.

This scary old guy guarded the cafeteria and looked so real he did fool some of the kids!

And my "necromancer" in red with this 5th grade buddies are now the big kids in school. Enjoy this year boys, 'cause in the blink of an eye it will be time to start middle school where you'll all be low man on the totem pole again. I can't say that it's not hard ~ having history with my older sons ~ knowing that when I turn around again this 5th grader will be graduating from high school. Once again, I am trying to live in the moment and not get swallowed up by these passages that can sometimes knock me over with a feather if I think about them too much.

Go on outside and howl at the moon. I will howl right back.

Around every corner

Around every corner there were new surprises like Autumnal fairies...

and awesome mom's volunteering to run the games...

and a little princess with blue hair and pink teeth....

and a very brave Dad dressed up as Batman much to the delight of his kids!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gimme Some Sugarland!

What a fun afternoon...into night we had! 8 hours of FUN. Off to Mogehan Sun in Connecticut I went on my maiden voyage down some pretty boring highways arriving inUncasville to see Sugarland with my friend Julie and sisters-in-law Jean and Karen. We left around 2pm and two hours later were in the middle of nowhere...but right in the middle of all of the action. I've only been to Las Vegas once, but this casino pretty much mirrored the look and feel of the Vegas casinos. How I had never been here before now kind of baffles me, but it is certainly someplace I would visit again. From the moment you get out of the car it's playtime!

The stadium they performed in was huge and it is attached to the casino making it very convenient to get in and out. Lucky for us we had the good seats right up front ; ) Sara Bareilles opened up and she is so cute! I've never seen her before though I knew several of her hits.
Although Jennifer Nettles grabs the spotlight with her energy and powerhouse vocals, Kristian Bush the other half of Sugarland, is also quite spirited and talented and comes off very friendly and warm onstage.
"Why don't you stay? I'm up off my knees. I'm so tired of being lonely, you can't give me what I need..." Brought the house down again! I've been fortunate enough to see Sugarland twice this year and it's always a great show. So much twang in her speaking voice but "Little Miss" Jennifer just shows power when she sings. It's very moving to hear her in person.
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Covet...I Will Have!

5 minutes ago I checked the mail and the awesome new Garnet Hill catalog was there. Don't you just love Garnet Hill? Ok, maybe a little expensive, but those dino sheets that I bought for Brady and Carter 10 years ago are still working on Ronan's bed! Seriously. Well, the pillowcases not so much if I'm being honest ; ) But the quality is superb.

Oh I digress. Whenever I opened to this page I knew it WOULD BE MINE. Immediate reaction, not just sorta cute, but totally cute and if you see me in it - and you will - you'll know where it came from. I am getting the whole outfit. Perfection.

Love everything from sheets to pajamas to boots to clothing. I think it's my favorite catalog.

Did I never see this before? Hmmm. Because this will also be mine. Can't get more perfect for running around with kids and dogs than this one.

Unless of course, I am walking my llama.
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Friday, October 7, 2011

I am not having fun

Oh Lord, I will not go into the details of my little stomach problem. I will only say that I am currently on a restricted diet. Clear fluids. For two days. Groan. Moan. Grumble. Bad mood. Low energy. Sigh. All I can have is broth, jello, tea, ginger ale and apple juice. It is meant to fix "the problem" and for all of my heroic efforts, I certainly hope so.

Because all I really want is to get busy baking these delicious chocolate donuts and putting a big old spoon in this chocolate caramel sauce and getting back to the business of eating!
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SoWa Market Sunday

I went with my friend Pam to the SoWa (south of Washington) farmer's market and artisan fair on Sunday. It is held every weekend through October. Really fun. There is a big brick building which houses three big rooms of flea market finds. Boots, mirrors, jewelry, you name it. On either side of the building are a farmer's market and an artisan fair.
Lots of food trucks are parked alongside each other with great tasting food.

The most stylish I have seen people south of Manhattan! Skinny jeans with boots tucket in, ponytails and sunglasses - and many dogs big and small alongside their owners.

We passed a booth with a man painting and his artwork was really beautiful. I was so taken with this original painting that after our first pass-through, Pam encouraged me to go back and take a 2nd look. I have a lot of paintings of the marshes of Newbury, Mass. ~ one of my favorite things ~ and that's what attracted me to this. These are Block Island marshes...and you can guess how the story ends. Yup, I brought it home. It's on the wall, looking smashing in my dining room. A good day.
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