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Monday, September 30, 2013

Autumn Crafts

Wheeling my cart down the aisle at Joann's Sewing/Craft store, I was actually looking for a plastic tablecloth material when I came upon this printed burlap!  Wow, such are the happy surprises in a fabric store. So I thought..."hmmm maybe that would look cute wrapped around my trellis"...

It turned out to be an easy way to get a different look.  I just bought two yards and
wrapped it around the trellis.  In the back I cut small holes with scissors on either side of fabric and pulled ribbon through and tied together. 

I put a few staples along the top and sides just to hold it secure.

Here's a picture of the "trussed up" trellis.  

And tah dah.  Cute and easy way to make a seasonal change.
I just tucked any leftover fabric underneath and used some
boxes and mums as props which covered it up anyway.

My son helped me decorate last night, it all came together very quickly.  Just use what you have for your own front door. Whether or not you feel like gettin' crafty with the printed burlap, the bright mums and pumpkins will cheer up your entryway on their own.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's the little things

Is it reverse OCD to just get excited about something very tiny that is an organizing tool? 
When the rest of the house has let out an exhaustive sigh after being left to fend for itself all summer?
When the "beach and pool towels" are still stacked high in the dining room, once used daily now waiting to be put away?
When there is still a tray with tequila, rum, wine and grenadine on the kitchen table left over from a girlfriends' party three weeks ago? 

I'm going to say it for you.  Yes.  It's a little wonky.  But when a little problem gets solved that you didn't know you had...when the nice, neat solution was presented, it just made me happy.  I found this at a craft fair in Maine and it actually was sold as an authentic bathroom cup holder!

So if you come over, pour yourself a drink and head to the bathroom and gaze upon my new dixie-cup holder.  He he.  I have shamed myself into putting the booze away today.  This is good therapy.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lights! Camera! Action!

There is a little seaside town nearby called Salisbury and they filmed a Denzel Washington movie last Friday called "The Equalizer".  We had planned to go up anyway to hear some great music and breath some nice fresh beach air after a long week.

It was such a major treat to feel like we were smack dab in the middle of things!  When movies are filmed in Boston, it's hard to get close to the action, but we arrived a couple of hours before actual filming took place and really -- no one was around!

These are "props"...even the ferris wheel.

Here's Rich walking by equipment truck.  It was cleaner than my house!  Shiny brass, impeccable ramp.  Must be good money in the movie biz.

The arcade in the background is real...action is heating up with big vans delivering people.

Here's the real reason we went up.  The band called "Don't Call Me Shirley" playing at Surfside 5, this awesome beachfront bar.

Here are good friends standing deckside with a front row view of the action.

The band had to stay inside the club and could not use the huge deck, but we were welcome to go out on it and watch the action at the edge of the sand.  The big square light hung way above the filming, illuminating the scene.  They filmed it over and over again.  Crowd walking left, crowd walking right..

And this...I Denzel Washington!  I only got really close with my zoom lens and it was night time so a little hard to see.  A fun and quite unexpected way to spend a Friday night.  
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