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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

That Kinda Day

When we got up this morning, the refrigerator was warm. The fan was not humming, yet the freezer was cold and for a few days it had gotten all "frosty" with snow on things. It happens sometimes when (ahem) kids leave it open. But this time everything had to be moved to the new fridge downstairs that I luckily just invested in, while we waited for the repair person.

So out came the drawers and the nasty business that is undiscovered food items and I rolled up my sleeves and washed and cleaned the whole DARNED thing. It took hours. But now it looks brand new and smells, well, let's just say, a lot better than before!

And so I thought...while I am waiting for repair...I will just whip up a nice apple and pear crisp. I figured that didn't need refrigeration and would probably do fine for dinner, lol.
We had tacos and the apple and pear crisp with a little vanilla ice cream. If I never eat again, I'm good. Oh and the refrigerator's problem? The freezer had been left open quite a few times and the condensation would melt and freeze and melt and freeze and the whole back of the freezer was a frozen bar on the inside. The repairman was up to his knees in frozen peas that were on the bottom of the freezer and about 3 years old. Hey, at least I am admitting it! How often do you clean the interior bottom of your freezer??? Still, it was gross and I was PRETTY embarrassed.

But if it ever happens to you, just get your blow dryer out. There, I just saved you $120.00. (ouch)
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