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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh Like You've Never...

I don't go shoe shopping. I just buy them where I work. Utility shoes, mostly, with rubber soles. I sometimes go into The Walking Store and drop some cash on the latest Dansko's. They are expensive, but really good if you stand on your feet for a long time. But today I went shoe shopping, sister!!!
You see, there's this big fancy wedding on Saturday that I am attending. My sweet old babysitter. Well, by no means old, but former babysitter, I should say. She is getting married on Saturday in Boston with all of the trimmings - trolley, old church and waterside reception. So I have to pull it all out if you know what I mean!

And, boy, have I. Pedicures and eyebrow waxing and undergarments (I bow to you, Lady Grace, & now I understand how those full-figured Kardashian girls make it all happen) and new dress from Macy's and sweet cardy from J Crew to go over the dress and that brings me full circle to the shoes. It was raining, I had a moment to myself, and everything in the DSW shoe store was tempting like candy. The only thing that prevented me from owning half the company was the thought of my 8 year old coming home to an empty house.

Honestly, for reals? I still think I need a pair for the dress. Oh my.
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