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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Morning Glories

I have to be honest about this, lest the gentle reader think that I took immaculate care of these babies from the beginning. Nope, I did not. I bought two little pots in May and just left them in the garden in their pots for one month. That's right, around 30 days. I watered them occasionally and it showed. They looked half dead.
Finally I got around to planting all of the "leftovers" - not sure if you have those, too, but there are always stray containers of plants that I never get around to putting either in a pot or in the ground. Sometimes they survive a sunny June, sometimes not.
These wilty, pathetic, yellowing plants were put in a terra cotta pot and then I took *really* good care of them. Plants can send you on guilt trips you know. Every day they got a gallon of water and every week they got fed with plant food. I waited and I waited and I waited. And tah dah...finally, the fruits of my watering. So pretty!!
Although they don't mind the cooler weather, I know my time with these morning glories is fleeting and so I shall enjoy them every time I pass by.
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