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Thursday, September 30, 2010

cinderella marigolds

Ah, those who mock the marigold. The work-horse Cinderella flower of the garden. But who gets the last laugh at the end of a drought filled summer when those more fragile petunias wilt and fade under the blazing sun? The bright! orange! happy! marigold, that's who!
I do not tell a lie when I say that all of the orange in this picture is from ONE six-pack of annuals from Lowe's. So let this be a lesson for next year. I will always proudly have them in my garden ; )
And while I was at perhaps the very same shopping trip back in late May I picked up some grasses. I wanted something to cover up the bottom of the privacy fence that I had built. The little plastic card did say that they would grow to be 5 feet, but I didn't expect it in the first year. I found some wooden trellis pieces through craigslist and came away with a very custom look. All of these years of reading "Coastal Living" feel like they are paying off ; ) Now I just need the coast part, he he.
These beauties were given to me last week from a good friend for my birthday. Since I don't have a lot of experience with roses, I shall have to figure out a place of honor in the garden, for these certainly merit that.
And even in the simplest of ways, whether you are a gardener or not, plop a pot of mums in a planter and usher in this pretty season of Fall.
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  1. Hey Martha,

    Love reading your blog. I saw the link to it when you first signed up for Facebook. I've been a fan ever since.

    I have to admit, Marigolds are not my favorite, but I plant them every year for the very reason you mentioned here...they last. Those and Impatiens. Mine are still in giant, full bloom and look beautiful.

    Feel free to take a look at The Persson Post if you'd like. http//


  2. thanks, Janice! I will definitely take a look. You know I remember Mrs. Welch planting marigolds. That is my first memory of them. My mother always bought geraniums ; )