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Monday, November 15, 2010

Girl's Weekend - N.H. - 2010

Mostly these weekends consist of laughter. We shop in between cracking each other up. We eat and laugh and eat some more. Dolly's eggplant, Kathy's grilled vegetable antipasto, red wine, bread, pasta. We didn't have dessert until 10 pm because we could! Tiramasu, chocolate mousse cake, strawberry cheesecake, that's right - it's Girl's Weekend!
This was the cutest little breakfast place. It took a little coaxing for the waiter to take the photo, but he came around ; ) Bring on the pancakes, eggs and home fries.
We shopped for boots and tops and jewelry and sweaters and candy and jeans and jewelry. Candles and perfume and I even fit in a manicure.
Always sad to leave our lakeside retreat. But happy at all of the great bargains we get. Load up the trunk, girls!
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