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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today it's the "Super Storm"

They are running out of names. Blizzard, Snow Storm, Super Storm. Yes, another snow day...another one. 4 weeks, 4 snow days. It's almost laughable. And in between the actual kids-are-home snow days there will be 3 inches of snow here, 5 inches of snow there, just enough to make it slow going but not enough to cancel activities. But on those nights when you have to go out to a parent meeting and it's 14 degrees with a wind chill...brrr, that's the nasty part of winter. So this was breakfast (lucky kids) and I am at least very well stocked up on food so none of the children will starve.
As God is my witness, if Mother Nature does anything to that roof which protects my fabulous $2,500 retractable awning which is not even a year will be my breaking point~ so in the meantime I watch the glow of my Island Spa candle and breathe deeply.
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