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Monday, February 6, 2012

Wing Ding

So the Superbowl has come and gone and the New England Patriots did not win. It still smarts this morning. Ouchee. I thought it was a shoe-in. We were invited to my brother's MAN ZONE for a rousing party.

He designed this room with it's two flat screen tv's, super comfy leather couch and two official Red Sox seats that he mounted on a rolling platform for ease of movement! One wall is blue for Patriots, one wall is red for the Red Sox, one wall is yellow for the Bruins and one wall is green for the Celtics. Each wall has it's own memorabilia, tickets, signed balls, photos and jerseys. It is REALLY something. Oh and don't let me forget the speaker system and the private bathroom and the dorm sized refrigerator.

You could go down there to hibernate all winter and never come up for air.

This year "Gronkowski" t-shirts ruled! We shall lick our wounds and still be proud of the home team featuring our hunky leader, Tom Brady and take a few extra minutes on our dog walk to work off the chicken wings, brownies, beer and chili.
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