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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holidays Windows

Take that out Macy's...I have seen lovely windows that just might compete with yours.   Newburyport has two official shopping nights, last week on December 7th and this week on December 14th. 

All of the shops had fun things to eat and drink.

The weather was drizzly but that did not stop the crowd.  Some of my favorite stores were so crowded that it was elbow to elbow!  Good for vendors.

Whether by nudging from the Chamber of Commerce or a healthy spirit of competition, one window outdid the next.  They were all so layered that it was a treat to take a minute and check out each one.

Red and white, classic Christmas.

Perhaps the most favored store on State St. by me and all I know.  Flukes and Finds.  Fun treasures and furniture, vintage and repurposed, I don't think I have ever walked out of there with nothing in hand.

A pink tree glows through the Flukes & Finds window.  Now I want a pink tree.

And a beautifully decorated clocktower stands magestic always but glows especially bright this Christmas.
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