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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Magic of Slipcovers

I slipcover everything.  Or rather I hire this wonderful, artistic man to do it for me.  He is a wonder with fabric.  I think once I got the hang of 3 sons and the mess and the spills and knowing that I wanted a more casual house both in temperment (yes, you can eat on the couch) and in style - I realized being able to wash "the couch" was more fiscally conservative than replacing it all the time!

Not saying that I have not paid as much for fabric as a new piece of furniture would cost.  But the truth is I rarely buy a new piece of furniture.  I am a craigslister.  There, I said it.  I get the items for nearly free or a  fraction of what they would cost.  I am very picky and this is the only "fabric" item I have purchased because I know there are plenty of warnings about yucky bugs, etc.  But this came from a very clean home and then I had it cleaned.  I could not have even purchased the ottoman for what I paid for the set.

Then I took myself to Zimmans Fabric in Lynn and tried to keep it together mentally...
(if you have ever been to Zimmans, you know what I mean.  More enticing, beautiful, printed, embroidered, silk, linen, velvet and cotton fabric than you can wrap your brain around)
 staring at my notebook and getting help from the wonderful Tatiana who directed me to the solid gray linens.  I found this pretty blue/gray patterned fabric for the top of the ottoman and the pillows.  That is the other thing about slipcovers.  You are your own designer and you can get exactly what you want.

This rattan chair - eh - doesn't really "go" with the rest of the room, perhaps, but it has lots of sentimental value and I paid LOTS of money for it 10 years ago.  (w-a-y more than what it's sitting next to!)  I had the space in my luxurious new bedroom and we had enough fabric, so those cushions (formerly blue and white) were also slipcovered.  A little pillow, a little throw, a little wine, a little snow, a good movie.
See you in March.
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