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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Snow Day

By March 19th, the thrill of another snow day is slightly tempered.  Now the 6th grader is full-on worried about how long they will have to go to school in June.  How many days will be added on?? he frets!

This time one of the college boys is home to help.  Thank you Brady.  That is until he gets on a bus to visit a friend in New York which he did about 30 minutes later.  We'll see him again in three days, for another two days, then he'll fly back to school.  It feels kind of hollow for a little bit after they leave and then life fills the space.  Just like I have heard it would.

Goodness, gracious, great balls of snow!

Back inside we took to organizing our new cabinet space. Oh this new cabinet space is quite a story.  I will get to that in another post, because it really deserves it's very own post.

I did the movies.  All lined up in neat little rows. Ah, the Virgo in me is very pleased with this new order.

Then I made giant cookies.

Then I watched "Giada at Home" where she made a lovely picnic for her husband and daughter to share on the Malibu shore while I also watched the rest of the afternoon snow falling down.
They say Spring is Thursday.  Ok, then.  Whatever they say.
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