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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Crafty Project of the Week - Colored Rice

I have now taught nine painting classes to almost 30 children.  So I am finding myself always in search of the next great painting/crafty project while keeping within my budget.  I saw this great idea where you color rice an the students layer it like sand art.

You can use either rubbing alcohol or vinegar as a "sticking agent" for the food coloring to the rice.  The recipe I saw said the rubbing alcohol smells a little less than vinegar, so I chose to use that.

I used a 10 lb. bag of rice for a class of 10 students and I could have used even more.  They all gravitated to the color green and that bag of rice was gone first ; )  There are more girls in this class so I made a lot of pink.  That'll teach me.

Although the first half of the class was finishing up watercolor projects from the week before, all eyes were on the glass bowls and they were quite eager to get to filling them!

I bought some little chickies to put in the bowls and some bunny garland to use as decoration on the outside of the bowl.

Then I cut little signs out of watercolor paper and the kids taped them to some candy sticks.  A really cute project that generated a lot of happiness.
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