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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Coolaroo Project

There is this really neat thing called a Coolaroo.  It is an Australian product, a tarp, a sunshield, weatherproof and fun.  I have long admired it and this year was determined to fix the "sun in the eyes while in the hammock" problem.

So my intrepid grown up sons drilled and climbed ladders to give me a belated Mother's Day gift.  Since it is triangle, the first part of the design was to figure out which three things we would affix it to.  One side to each pergola (yes, I have two to be outdoors yet a little obsessed with shade) and a tree out yonder worked out perfectly.

They tied one end of the rope to the third point of the Coolaroo and attached it up high in the tree.  More rope was run through an eye-hook attached to the tree and then attached to a cleat at the bottom.  It can be raised and lowered if a big wind comes.

Granted, it is still chilly here in Massachusetts, so maybe it looks a bit premature, but soon enough that very hot sun will bake down on the yard again...

but squinty eyes will be gone and we will all be loving the shade it provides.

About $90.00 and $20.00 for parts/roping, etc.  I think well worth it, but will report back at the end of the summer!
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