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Monday, June 3, 2013

The stars put on a show for free...

This past Thursday night my son and I went to the " Boston Strong - An Evening of Support and Celebration" concert held at the TD Garden.  

 It was hard to get tickets as the show sold out in 5 minutes.
But we were able to get two single sets and since we live right on the train line, jumped on the rails and rode into Boston.  The show was five hours long.  Rock stars and comedians, bands from our town (Boston, Dropkick Murphys, Aerosmith) that made us proud to be from here.

But on this night the bands also expressed pride in us.  All of the proceeds were donated back to the Marathon Survivors, but the bands thanked the ticket holders for spending their money for such a good cause.  On this night there wasn't a whole boatload of difference between the people on the stage and the people in the seats.  We were here together.

 I always bring my camera and take pictures of the bands at shows that I attend - and I did on this night, too.  But when I was out walking the hallways to get a beer, I noticed something quite striking.  As varied as the people were at the show, there were that many kinds of shirts in support of the chaos, injury, confusion, arrests, healing and recovery to our town and especially those who were killed and hurt by this most violent and senseless act.

Not one "trendy" shirt. 

Not one shirt that you could only get at a certain store but then sold out so less expensive versions were made. No.  Everyone had their own shirt that came from their own favorite store or their own hometown.  

There were so many different shirts that I could not even count them. 

 But what I did see was pride. Not pride that can be bottled or sold.  Not pride because you are Irish and like the Dropkick Murphys.  Not pride because you live in the North End or Southie or Stoneham or Natick.  Boston pride.

I asked permission from everyone I took a photo of.  I told them I had a blog and would they mind if I put
 their picture in it.  They ALL said yes.

On this night, the women didn't say "what does my hair look like?"

They didn't look at me like a stranger...wondering with jaded eyes..."what's she really going to do with these pictures?"

They stood proud, happy and united on this special of all nights.

His shirt says "Boston's Not Afraid of You."
If you live around here you've been to the Marathon.  You've worked in the area at some point in your life.  You've gone on dates and met friends for drinks on those streets.  They are happy blocks coming from or going to the Public Garden.  Who knows how long it will take for the sting to leave us.  I don't think anyone is in a rush.  We want the injured to get well and have a chance to start again. 

I can say that I was Boston Proud to have a chance to support all that will be again.
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