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Monday, September 30, 2013

Autumn Crafts

Wheeling my cart down the aisle at Joann's Sewing/Craft store, I was actually looking for a plastic tablecloth material when I came upon this printed burlap!  Wow, such are the happy surprises in a fabric store. So I thought..."hmmm maybe that would look cute wrapped around my trellis"...

It turned out to be an easy way to get a different look.  I just bought two yards and
wrapped it around the trellis.  In the back I cut small holes with scissors on either side of fabric and pulled ribbon through and tied together. 

I put a few staples along the top and sides just to hold it secure.

Here's a picture of the "trussed up" trellis.  

And tah dah.  Cute and easy way to make a seasonal change.
I just tucked any leftover fabric underneath and used some
boxes and mums as props which covered it up anyway.

My son helped me decorate last night, it all came together very quickly.  Just use what you have for your own front door. Whether or not you feel like gettin' crafty with the printed burlap, the bright mums and pumpkins will cheer up your entryway on their own.
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