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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

King Richard's Faire - Fashion Edition

My sons have always loved the fair for the music, leather hats, jousting knights and food.  I love this very cool Rennaisance faire for the clothes.  Whether or not you ever thought of playing dress up, I dare you not to peek in the shops selling corsets, capes, crowns and the like.

Costumes are not only worn by the "cast members", nay!  Many come in delightful outfits they have put together just for this day.  And why can't you wear a baseball t-shirt with butterfly wings and sparkle sneaker boots? 

This lass took things more seriously with her weaponry showing!

Sweet little princess in all of her velvet finery.

Get yer kilt on.  Yeah, his other friends just sport their modern day jeans and sneakers.  But who's the cool one?  Whos' the guy you want to talk to?  That's right.  The kilt guy.

Here's one of the costume shops.  The thing is that does such a good job of creating a world inside this wooded glen full of music and food and merriment that you actually do get transported, which I guess is the whole idea!  And you think, I feel good here!  I feel happy here!  I need a swirly dress like the Merida in the movie "Brave" and I shall shoot bow and arrow!

Luckily for this guy, it wasn't too hot outside!

And the sweet Tinkerbell perched right on the tree stump watching the show.

This couple had just exchanged pewter handmade rings bought in the little store I was in.  I noticed the incredible quilted cape, but caught this sweet picture after they kissed.  I have to say it again...SWEET.

A handsomer Knight does not exist in the land for he makes a yearly appearance in the jousting tournament much to the delight of all of the fair young maidens.  And not so young maidens, too ; )
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