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Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallows Eve - Get Yer Fright On!!

When we lived in our former house it was more in the country.  The driveways were very long and when the kids were little they would get winded.  I thought of the idea to bring the candy to the end of the driveway to make things easier.  From that came a few decorations and after that a full on haunted house.

Some years are more involved than others.  The heavy lifters are in college but the 7th grader still gets a kick out of it.  So we keep a collection of creepy crawly things and my husband leads the charge to scare the crap of out of the little kids. 

Yup, that's kinda scary if you are five years old.

Ewww.  Who's hand is that?

Nasty rat with his snack.

And here's Mr. Innocent with a perfectly non-scary corn stalk.  But I guarantee he'll tie it to somethin' creepy.  We've got lots of great candy at the end of the brick walkway if you d-a-r-e to walk to through the haunts!
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