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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beach Week 2009

Cape Porpoise, Maine.

Happily buying lobster, steamers, corn. Is it real or a movie set?

hanging with Grandbabs under a shady tree

...some time for knitting...

took a fun art class at the Goose Rocks Beach Association

mom always brings paints and brushes!

and had lots of fun with Uncle Rob, Aunt Karen, cousins Bobby and Carly!

the view from our cottage, no kidding.

hanging with my guy. This kid loves the beach! This stretch of the beach is near Timber Island on Goose Rocks Beach and reminds me of the Bahamas. The sand is soft as baby powder and pretty warm water this time of year. What a great way to spend a week.

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  1. Can you spell "JEALOUS"? Oh, wait - I have that All year! (sorry, couldn't resist). Tell Grandbabs I send my best, she looks great. Looks like a great week.