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Friday, August 7, 2009

A Magical Summer Night

Last night I took Carter to see Sir Paul for his 15th birthday present..We have started going to see shows on each other's birthdays just for fun. He was up for Paul McCartney, though, honestly didn't know much of the Beatles collection.

IF you ever get the chance to see him, run don't walk...seriously...this was the best show of my life. We didn't get tickets until yesterday and just by pure luck got seats up in the Roof Terrace. While it may have been far from the stage, the video screen technology is so AMAZING that it felt like we were on stage.

There we were, breezes blowing high above Fenway, our own table and chairs, our own "boardwalk" with the pretty young things encouraging everybody to dance (those are the party girls in the picture!), Roof Deck bar with no lines...and then the music.

Paul McCartney is transformative. Relaxed, amiable, happy, handsome, fit, talented and his voice is so lovely in person. Lady Madonna, Paperback Writer, Long and Winding Road, Hey Jude, Something in the Way She Moves ("I wrote this for Linda"), Give Peace a Chance, Live and Let Die, Back in the USSR, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (LIVE, I MEAN WHOOSH!!!), Yesterday and on and on and on.

Whatever your own personal history with the Beatles, it comes rushing forward when you hear him sing in person. I jumped right back to Jenny Lou Morabito's bedroom, playing cards for hours while we kept picking up the arm to the record player to hear "Let It Be" over and over again until we knew all the words.

He played for 3 hours by the light of the full moon.
Pure joy, Carter was overwhelmed by the whole thing.
A magical, unforgettable summer night.
Peace Out!

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