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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pocketful of Posies

My mother and her friend, Mrs. Hagan, always had lovely flower gardens and I always remember these little bunches of flowers that would be put together in a coffee mug or little cute vase. They'd be refreshed every couple of weeks for the coffee table. They'd have a little bit of everything. I knew they were from the garden, but really it seemed like they were from a florist they way all of the colors splashed up against each other. Once winter came, they'd have pine branches, berries and white carnations.
Whatever was around, whatever they could share.

Once I gave myself "permission" to use my scissors in my garden (what the heck was I waiting for???) I re-created those lovely little arrangements. Everything here is from my own garden...taken separately, they look o-kay, but together completely charming. Now I see that all of those little bunches on my mother's big old wooden storage box used as a country coffee table without a doubt planted the seeds for my own interest in art, painting flowers, and a love of color theory~

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