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Friday, September 25, 2009

Wrapping up the Summer Tour

On the last day of summer, or the first day of fall, however you look at it, I went to see U2 at Gillette Stadium for my birthday. Really, what can I say?
Should I say that Bono is awesome and cute and that hearing him sing "With or Without You" live in person made my insides go weak? That I could not believe all of the mad crunching guitars and drums coming from just 4 guys? That it was not just a rock show with one #1 hit after another followed by enormous applause (even though that's true, too) but more of a ride, up and down, slow and fast, beautiful and moving, happy and wistful? It's nothing new, nothing fans don't already know. I won't miss a chance to see them again. Happy Birthday to me and thank you Cindy, it was a "Beautiful Day".
Cindy in front of their spaceship right out a Rugrats episode.

This was cool, though. It was a honeycomb video screen that shrunk and grew. Here it did look like it was about to launch!
proof I was in attendance ; )

Bono as he should be - bathed in a golden light.
"I am a Golden God"... what movie is that from? Betcha lunch.

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