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Thursday, September 3, 2009

little reggae, little ska, lotta soul

Such a fun night! My friend Kathy took me to see the Counting Crows, Michael Franti and Spearhead and Augustana. Honestly, mostly all new to me...or so I thought. I totally recognized the Augustana song "Boston"

...she said I think I'll go to Boston
I think I'll start a new life
I think I'll start it over
Where no one knows my name

I'll get out of California
I'm tired of the weather
I think I'll get a lover
And fly 'em out to Spain..

you know it right? Well the whole night was a joyful combination of reggae, jazz, funk, ska and everything else in between. Lots and lots of dancing. True fans they have, on their feet all night. It a was outside at the Bank of America Pavilion (love that place!) so it felt outside and all closed in at the same time.

Michael Franti and Spearhead have a new song on the radio
Say Hey (I Love You)

I say hey I'll be gone today
But I'll be back all around the way
It seems like everywhere I go
The more I see
The less I know
But I know (I know) one thing (one thing)
That I love you

Michael Franti and Adam Duritz

happy, smiling faces all
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Michael Franti brought these kids onstage to help him sing
"Say Hey (I Love You)"

Adam Duritz, Emmy Rossum and lead singer of
Augustana. Emmy Rossum guesting for the night? Yep
on a cover from "Angel from Montgomery" no less. Loved it!

14 people on stage together most of the night. No egos here.


  1. Hey Martha - it looks like a lot of fun! Brian just saw them last week here in St. Augustine at our open air pavilion!

  2. oh, so I didn't get a scoop on a new band? They are really fun.