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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm Moving to Vermont and Making Quilts!

How many times did I say that in my youth? How many times did I think that was a good idea, live a little boho year or two and discover my creative side? Ok, fast forward 20 (ahem) or so years and now I really "am" taking quilting classes. And let me tell ya, the moving to Vermont part would be a piece of cake compares to this business of cutting up little pieces of fabric and sewing them back together.

Quilters can be surgeons, quilters can teach classes at MIT, the precision, the angles, the corners, the measurements. It is very hard stuff.

And I am crafty, very crafty me. Painterly me, colorful me, love to cut stuff out, great with projects, but I've got nothing on these quilters. It is not for the faint of heart. But I take on this challenge! Even though so far I've done my pieces all my hand because the sewing machine to me is a great big Mt. Everest of a hurdle and I am completely intimidated by it. But as a fellow Adult Ed quilting classmate said last night "if you don't start machine quilting, you won't live long enough to finish anything." Cracked me up.
I noted in class last night that really, the back of the quilts should be framed for that's where all of the hard work really shows!
This is a table runner that was started two years ago that has no backing yet. Never said nothing about fast.

This is on the kitchen table now. I go through phases, but if I leave it out it's ready to sit down and plug away at a little at a time. And now after a certain amount of complaint on my part you may ask "well why do you do it, Martha?"...hmm, well, it's meditative and relaxing the way knitting or yoga can be. It makes you focus on what's right in front of you. And when it actually starts to look like something? Phenomenal.
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