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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Boys in the Band

I've been spending most of my Friday nights chaperoning the RMHS Band at the football games. Althought the half-time performance is fantastic and they are winning all sorts of awards at their Band Competitions, my favorite part is when they leave the band room and march down the hill playing "Street Beat." The drums make your heart beat a little faster. And although "Friday Night Lights" is supposed to be all about football, this mom thinks they are the real stars of the show.

I know you must be wondering what this is a picture of. It's Brady. Salz. Smiling. At. His. Mother. The rarest of sights indeed. Enjoy it with me, won't you?
Carter smiling through the cold.
Lining up!

The girls in the Color Guard. I hope they always remember these times. Fresh-faced cuties. Hey, it's not that I want to get all nostalgic or anything, and I know when these kids are sitting on the bleachers freezing in 40 degree temps it's not easy...but someday these nights spend together laughing, sharing money for hot chocoate that they only have 4 minutes to drink between performances...will be very precious memories to them. Of course, I sound like SUCH a parent when I tell them this.
There's Carter breaking parade form in the Columbus Day Parade in the North End.
The proud RMHS Marching Band under the direction of David Bunten. They rock!
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