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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Jesus Tree

In our backyard we have an hydrangea tree. The exact name of it, I don't know, but it is beautiful and there are many like it in my neighborhood, though, I think I may boast that ours in the largest. It almost got chopped down about 5 years ago. It was moving day, September 2005, and we were unloading boxes. I was exhausted, the kids' were eating McDonald's pancakes on a table outside and the bees kept getting into the syrup. I was unnerved by the whole thing, not understanding that the bees come for just a few weeks every year when the blooms appear, I thought it had to go! Well, that would have been the biggest mistake of my life.
So all winter and truly most of the Spring, it looks like this. Half dead, brittle, lifeless. There are big holes in the tree where termites have eaten it and we always think it will never bloom again.
And back to life it comes, little green sprouts appearing everywhere. Hence, The Jesus Tree.

By all rights, this hollow tree has no reason to bloom

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Ok, so here's where the goosebumps come in. We found this cross sitting in the tree "after" we had been calling it the "Jesus" tree for a couple of years. What do you think about that? It gave us all pause. They say that miracles are all around us, I told the kids. Maybe this is one of them.
The flowers turn from snow white to a mauvey-pink. Now I wouldn't give it up for anything. So we put some fertilizer at the base and dumped our extra dirt around it, encouraging it in any way we could.

The Jesus Tree in all of it's fall splendor. Soon the circle will start again.

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