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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Covet...I Will Have!

5 minutes ago I checked the mail and the awesome new Garnet Hill catalog was there. Don't you just love Garnet Hill? Ok, maybe a little expensive, but those dino sheets that I bought for Brady and Carter 10 years ago are still working on Ronan's bed! Seriously. Well, the pillowcases not so much if I'm being honest ; ) But the quality is superb.

Oh I digress. Whenever I opened to this page I knew it WOULD BE MINE. Immediate reaction, not just sorta cute, but totally cute and if you see me in it - and you will - you'll know where it came from. I am getting the whole outfit. Perfection.

Love everything from sheets to pajamas to boots to clothing. I think it's my favorite catalog.

Did I never see this before? Hmmm. Because this will also be mine. Can't get more perfect for running around with kids and dogs than this one.

Unless of course, I am walking my llama.
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