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Friday, October 7, 2011

SoWa Market Sunday

I went with my friend Pam to the SoWa (south of Washington) farmer's market and artisan fair on Sunday. It is held every weekend through October. Really fun. There is a big brick building which houses three big rooms of flea market finds. Boots, mirrors, jewelry, you name it. On either side of the building are a farmer's market and an artisan fair.
Lots of food trucks are parked alongside each other with great tasting food.

The most stylish I have seen people south of Manhattan! Skinny jeans with boots tucket in, ponytails and sunglasses - and many dogs big and small alongside their owners.

We passed a booth with a man painting and his artwork was really beautiful. I was so taken with this original painting that after our first pass-through, Pam encouraged me to go back and take a 2nd look. I have a lot of paintings of the marshes of Newbury, Mass. ~ one of my favorite things ~ and that's what attracted me to this. These are Block Island marshes...and you can guess how the story ends. Yup, I brought it home. It's on the wall, looking smashing in my dining room. A good day.
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