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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bowling in the New Year!

Our annual bowling trip during this vacation week let us to Jillian's/Lucky Strike Bowling in Boston. Literally a stone's throw from Fenway Park, it is the most fun place! Big - no huge - screen tv's at the end of every lane made watching the Patriot's beat the Buffalo Bill's while bowling and eating a winning trifecta!

Perfect food for New Year's Day when all of us were tired for one reason or another. Coconut shrimp, root beer float, onion rings, chicken fingers, salsa burger...perfect.

The only drawback to the afternoon is that I had never bowled with the "big" balls before and I didn't like it very much. Even the 5 lb. ball proved cumbersome and heavy for me. I guess as with anything else practice makes perfect, but I think I'll always be a candlepin gal.

Driving away as the sun was setting on New Year's Day. It seems like we are all only together a couple of times in the year. We pass each other in the driveway or the kitchen, there is work and obligations and varied interests that take us all away from each other. That's why I love this week so much. It's like the universe takes a deep breath.
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