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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dancing Away

What a joyful passage, a beautiful night, such happy smiles.  Senior Prom.  I can still remember how giddy it makes you feel (as a girl anyway!) being all dressed up, having your date look nothing like he typically does in the school hallway with his Converse sneakers and plaid shorts. 

You feel grown-up, like you are on the brink of something.  You feel it ahead of you but can't quite see it yet.  But the late Spring night is gorgeous, you are with all of your friends and the night is ahead of you.

Can't say what will happen to these two high school sweethearts next year, with what they don't know yet, how much things will change and all of the new people they will meet at college.   Will others turn their head?  Interest them?  That's for another day.  Right now they've got all summer. 
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