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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Day Like No Other

That's just how I feel, Ronan.  Let's hold on to this kid and not let him go.  Let's lock him in his room and make him watch funny movies with us.  I mean he's done fine in our house.  He doesn't really need to leave, does he?

I had read stories from mothers with broken hearts who are sad when the kids leave for college.  I dreaded when it would be my turn.  I've always tried to look on the bright side of things and of course, in my mind I know it's all good news...good college, smart boy, bright future.  But anticipating September and not needing to order a cheese pizza every day at 4pm for a "snack" or running back and forth to the high school, not having to be in the parent-volunteer mode and never being asked if he can go to the movies again...because he doesn't need my permission - the truth is I just want to rewind.

It is a day like no other.  Graduation Day.  I still remember mine.  It's almost so fragile that you can feel their outer shell breaking.  Promising to see each other this summer, don't forget to stay in touch, what party are you going to?  The years and months and days and hours of memories.  The familiarity of each other's faces. 

I can't say this is a fun day for me.  Proud for sure.  Seeing my life's work before me, reflected back at me is amazing.  It just hurts like heck.  He's going away to college, far enough away that you need a plane to get there.  And I will really, REALLY miss him. 

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