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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Master Bedroom - and so it begins

5 years ago we remodeled our kitchen and that turned into needing a new roof and well, yeah, please add two more feet to our side deck so we can put a nice table and chairs out there...and before you knew it we were plum out of cash to make the large room above the kitchen a proper master bedroom.

Enter my brother, Andy, to help us remedy the problem.  This dark wood was the former outer layer of the house, although it had been covered with siding.  Ever heard of "horsehair plaster"?  It really has hair in it.  Yuck.  It's also very crumbly.  But our house was built in 1900 so there you go.  Along with the pretty lines and high ceilings you get crumbly walls that you can't hang anything on without getting a floor to ceiling crack in the paint. 

But this soon to be little haven of mine is all brand spanking new.  New wallboard, closets, paint, windows.  This will be my view from the bed and as I've said to everyone, when this is done I may not emerge for a month. 

For now this is the reality.  And it's hard.  See, we kind of made this former unfinished space a catch-all.  We had rolling racks of clothes, winter coats, snowboots, etc. in there.  We had lamps and craft supplies.  It all had to be emptied out and not all of it has been gone through yet as I am the General Contractor for the project and have been back and forth to Home Depot more times than I can count.  I see a yard sale in my future.  I'll tell the 11 year old if he works it, I'll split the profits with him ; )
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