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Thursday, September 13, 2012

690 Pages, really?

Ok, so the big beautiful Restoration Hardware catalog came today.  I don't remember signing up for it, but it is the second one I have received of such heft in a year!  It hardly fit in the mailbox.

And just as I am all dismissive of it and muttering about what a waste of paper it is, I take a minute and flip through it's shiny pages.  And all of a sudden a little bit of tranquililty comes over me.

Yes, I could be very happy in this living room with the big windows and linen sofa.  I really should let more light in my living room.  Yes, something green should be in there, too.

This gives me pause.  This is not a work in progress, but a final, completed chair.  With all that stuff sticking out.  And it's a steal at $1,795.00.  Hmmm.  I wonder how many they sell?

Yes.  I say yes to the Italian Vintage Trellis Print Bedding that looks like it's been washed 50 times already and that's why you pay more for it.  Sigh.  So pretty.

And this beautiful pendant orb light probably does just what they want when I see it.  Like I believe my life would be better...nay...I would be a better person if this was in my home.  It's completely lovely!  Hey, my birthday is coming up and if the chair is any indication of the bargains in this 690 page catalog of treasures, it is sure to be in my price range!
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