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Monday, September 17, 2012

Thank You Notes

As I was cleaning off the shelf above my sink this morning to make room for my new Bath and Body Works candle (Spice and it is great), I had to move a big stack of thank you notes.  This was a busy season and things came in and things went out.  Many invitations were extended and there was much celebrating of kids' high school graduations and even a wedding and 50th birthday party tucked in there.

Following right in line with missing my own college kids came the fact that it is now September and I still don't want to throw them away.  It made me think, though, that they do not represent "the leaving" but rather the involvement, the relationships.  I still remember that my Aunt Marie gave me a Nefertiti pin for graduation and that Mr. and Mrs. Ebbeson our older neighbors gave me $30.00.  The honoring of the passage is what resonates with me, that they took the time to do that is still very special.

I didn't give the gifts so they would remember me forever (though my ego would be perfectly happy if they did) but because they all mean a lot to me. 

This was from linen pillowcases I bought from "etsy" for myself and still came with a pretty little card.

I'd be a liar if I didn't tell the truth and say that my own son's thank you cards from his June graduation are sitting on the kitchen table.  He left for school assuring me he mailed them out.  I was looking for paper clips and rummaging through his desk a week ago and found the unmailed cards!  He sounded sincere on the phone after I got done with the interrogation, LOL. He really thought he put them in the mailbox.  Of course his whirlwind of a social calendar last summer would have distracted anyone.

So better late than never, off they will go this week and the continued universal appreciation and thanks will continue.
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