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Monday, September 24, 2012

Gotta Love The Flea

On Sunday my friend Pam and I went to the Todd Farm Flea Market in Rowley, Mass.  It's lots of fun.  Hundreds of outdoor booths and a huge barn filled with dusty treasures.  Whether you go with a little money or a lot there's lots for everyone to see and buy.  My son Ronan loves it.  I throw a $10 spot at him and tell him he can buy whatever he wants.  Keeps him plenty occupied so I can poke around at the things I like.

I was thinking of stretching this coffee bean bag over a canvas, tacking it down and putting on the wall in the kitchen.  Kind of funky.  Got it for a buck!

Not vintage, but you know how you need a bungie cord and can never find one?  Or they are at least $5.99 in the stores?  I scored them for two and three dollars each and 10ft. of rope for $1.00.  Hey, good to leave in the car, I figure. 

and for another two and three bucks, a book of houseplans.  I was drawn to the handpainted touches and plantings and walkways full of curb appeal.  The decorative painting book is a few years old and some of the techniques are a little dated, but many others are classics.  A good library addition!

I can never seem to leave a flea market without a little bit of sparkly something.  It's fairly new costume jewelry but for $15 I thought it would be a pretty way to dress up an outfit.  I love the ruby red color and the nod to the royal jewels.  'Cause that's me, after all ; )
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