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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday in the City

In pursuit of the promised colorful floor for Ronan's new room we headed off to the Flor store, newly opened in Boston.

It was as fun as I imagined.  They don't stock the tiles, just the samples, but are very helpful with the process.  Ronan is a quick decision maker so once he picked his colors he was all set!

Until...he said "I want a smiley face design in the carpet".  Of course, I gave him a funny look but then I thought, hey, if I said ok to the black walls, who cares if there's a smiley face in the carpet?   So he took pencil to paper and drafted his plan.

It was not until we left that I saw this in the lobby.  I walked right over it and didn't see it.  My eagle-eyed son obviously hatched his plan from the beginning ; )

A fun place to visit. You'll come up with a zillion places in your house to use these fun, recyclable carpet tiles.

And, well, hey, we're already in the city and it's cold and wet and blowy and we are expecting a we saw this Burdick's Chocolate store and popped in for some gourmet hot drinks.

Tres chic.  I actually relaxed for a whole 30 minutes.

These things can be done on a Sunday morning and all before 2pm.  If you choose to get out of jammies.  Which most of the time I do not, ha.

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