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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This Week, Mermaids

I have decided to steer my Ford Pick-Up (not really, but on the bucket list) in the direction of art again.  It used to be what I did full-time but with busy weekends needed doing other things (ok, let me not couch this in vagaries - it's that I gave up my entire life for my sweet sons who I love and traveled with, carried water bottles for and kept the beat for the last five years with the marching band - miss it, but whatever your kid's dedication is it is yours, too) it was easier for me to work part-time at a job where I just came and went and left no "homework".

But as all things that we are truly meant to do, it is in our bones, and will come knocking, knocking and knocking louder still until we answer.  That's what happened to me.  So I thought I would start small teaching some after school painting classes.  It's a little harder than the last time I did this!  But lots of fun.  So far we've painted watercolor leaves, mermaids and next week painted pumpkins with the kids' initials on them.

            And at the end of the class I have paint all over my hands and smock. So, mission accomplished.
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