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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bobble Me

Such an inspired Christmas gift, I cannot remember my children receiving.  My friend Pam - and Carter's godmother - set about to ordering personalized bobbleheads for them for Christmas.  She needed a head shot for both of them so we sat down together and picked one out.  Then the website needed eye color, hair styles and what little bobblehead clothing they would wear.

I think I might have thrown in the towel trying to find a headshot if I were ordering it!  You know we all have these great ideas and then, meh, takes too much time and we shelve them. 

But she persevered and in the end made all of us laugh a lot.  Though a little "freaked out" by just how well the sculptors got it right...the boys have a fun addition to take back to their dorm rooms for the next semester.
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