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Friday, April 26, 2013

Derby Hat Luncheon

We have had a very tough couple of weeks here in Boston and surrounding suburban communities.  The bombing has rattled us all and while the Marathon was in Boston, the injured and deceased lived in our suburbs.  Someone went to high school with someone.  Someone works with someone.  It hit very close to home.  Reading the newspapers and watching the tv reports make me feel like I have a wet wool blanket over my whole body that I can't shake off.  So when my friend invited me to this luncheon, I jumped at the chance. 

If you forgot your hat, no worries!  A table of crafty tidbits waiting to make a beautiful hat.

It proved to be the most perfect change of scenery.  A Kentucky Derby luncheon with fun hats and good company.

I didn't have a "Derby hat" ready to go, so I went to the craft store and bought ribbon and a feather clip-on and ta-dah, from a beach hat to a Derby hat.

Yes, there was coffee and tea served, but who could resist a delicious Mint Julep?  Not me. 

Women young and old getting into the spirit of the day.

Although the coverage is not over and the fundraisers continue, this was an afternoon to remind us that it's ok to get together and have fun.  In fact, I think it's exactly what will help us get on the other side of this.
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