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Monday, April 29, 2013

Fun at the Flea, my friend and me!

On such a pretty Sunday morning, off we went to the flea market.  Does it replace church?  Well, some find it quite spiritual and soothing so I guess it depends who you ask.  You certainly have conversations with many people from all walks of life.  You respectfully contribute to their "coffers" and you leave each other with a warm smile.  So I'd say it gets pretty close!

I bought this fairly "chippy" wrought iron stand.  In its former life it was a table, but my thoughts are to use it as a plant stand for my giant fern.  An excellent first project for my son returning home from college next week.  Scrape it down and paint it, son!
From the fellow who took this picture, the highest compliment when he saw my stand..."good pickin'".
Can't say anything nicer to a junker.

While all of this was going on, my tired (and filthy) Boy Scout returned home from a three day Jamboree at West Point.  Thousands of scouts attended, they spent the whole time outdoors, slept in a tent, cooked food over a fire, hiked and had to get up at 6 a.m. daily for PT (that's physical training to you and me).

The contents of his pack - which were not even allowed inside the house until the last wash cycle was done - was dumped all over the dog's bed.  As you can see Bono is a little confused.

Another goody from the market.  Just because it cracked me up.  For no other reason.  Now I have to decide where to put it.

Other than that it was a "girly" pick.  My friend Judy bought lots of scarves.  I bought a scarf, this retro-handbag and some cool vintage jewelry.  For a song!  That's what can make you so happy about the flea market.  You can have a ball and come home with a little jingle in your pocket for the next trip. 
Next Sunday, anyone?
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