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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Red Sox Cake!

Just two years ago I was pretty much buying cakes from boxes and sometimes making my own frosting, sometimes not.  Ah, how things have changed.  I always dreamed of being a real cake decorator and am enchanted by beautiful wedding cakes.  I was always intrigued by all of the metal Wilson tips at the store and what shapes they made, the frosting bags, the flower nails, the desire to make the perfect rose!

So I just committed to it!  My own education plan!  I have learned from professional chefs and master decorators.  I am far from knowing it all, but what I did learn is practice makes perfect.  

And by the grace of my friends and putting the word out there that I would be happy to make event cakes for them, I have gotten the opportunity to test my skills through cake orders.  

Because I am relatively new at this, every cake style is a "first" for me.  So this was my first Red Sox Cake, for a 60th birthday party.  

It was very well-received and that is so rewarding!  The truth is that it probably took me about six hours soup to nuts, baking, coloring frosting, decorating.  It's definitely something you've got to love because like everything else, there is always a "muddy middle" where you want to throw in the towel, put your feet up and watch the Real Housewives.  
But then I remind myself that wishes + fortitude + determination = dreams.
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