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Monday, May 10, 2010

Revolutionary Road

I watched it a little by accident last night. You know how you click around on HBO and it's 20 minutes into the movie and you think you'll catch it next time and keep clicking? Well last night I clicked and I was right on time.

I can't say I liked the movie, although it's true that I can't stop thinking about it. Sam Mendes sure likes those dark suburban pieces that's for sure. I didn't completely buy the plight of married couple Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio and their bitter unhappiness with their house, neighborhood and social set. I think if they put down the booze once in a while things would have settled down.

It does get you thinking about "what if's", what if I moved before I got married? why do some people get to move to France or Italy? what if I broke free of the confines of daily rituals, car rides, soccer games, raking the yard? But at the end of the movie I realized that aside from a few minor details, I wouldn't change anything about my life. I wouldn't change the number of kids I had or what I have had to give up for them. Some of my plans got put on hold when I had my youngest, but he's a great joy to me and makes up for most of it!! And I will get back to all of those plans shortly.

(and I have to say HGTV's House Hunters - International has done a world of good for me in yearning to move to a different country. Small kitchens! Ancient bathrooms! Little living rooms! Ok, granted, killer views - but it's comforting to see that it's not perfect anywhere.)

And in true Sam Mendes form, much like the "paper blowing in the wind" scene in American Beauty, the last few seconds of the movie, although wordless, are very powerful and funny and thought provoking.

So it got 4 stars, I might give it 3.

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