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Sunday, May 23, 2010

wonderful thoughts from Tracy Porter

this is one of the blogs I follow In fact, she is someone who I believe "has it all", really cool decorator, designer and artist, 4 boys!, insatiable zest for life... but I thought this post was worthy of passing along. Who of us hasn't thought "from where we are standing" that the lady with the great handbag must rule the world!

In fact, I think I am a pretty good mother. I try my best. I sometimes lose it. Last week I my teenage son was being, er, completely rude. I was giving him a ride and then I er, wasn't. I pulled over and er, excused him from my car. A little loudly. The window was rolled down and, er, the postman just happened to be crossing the street at the very same time I invited my son to walk the rest of the way home.

But see, Mr. Postman...I never do that. So in the spirit of everyone having a bad day once in a blue moon...please don't judge me ; )


A healthy dose of dreaming can do us all well….and start you on your way. If you begin to consider what “living well” means to you…you may open your eyes to new opportunity, new possibilities, all sorts of things may come to light. Sometimes the art of dreaming gets complicated quickly with reality , it is the case for everyone….don’t be fooled. Never think someone else has it easy, has it figured out…has it all given to them…..they may have taken a bumpy path to get where they are…..which to you…from where you are standing may look entirely graceful…not usually the case. Living well comes in all forms…and I think the idea of it changes as we age…..what it meant to you when you were 20 is different than it is now…and surely it will continue to change….. embrace it, go with it…allow it to seep in…and find ways to explore the idea of living well for the rest of your life. I would love to know…what does it mean to you….has it changed…….so curious…I am!

Cheers and Happy musings!!
Tracy Porter

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