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Thursday, May 20, 2010

what you see isn't always what you get ; )

So, hey, anyone can make this mistake, right? Admittedly I didn't have my glasses on and did see a little bunny hopping around.
So I grabbed my camera and went out to the backyard to get a picture of the bunny. But something didn't seem quite right. "That bunny is a little blurry around the edges", the photographer thought...well it did make my whole family crack up when I pointed out what I did. In my defense, it rained all day and really brought out the contrast in the stone, so it wasn't just a case of too much wine ; )
Thankfully, I was right about seeing the "real" little guy.
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  1. A "Case of too much wine" -- you drank a case of wine - that is the problem!! ;) I would have done the same thing about the rock - amazing how much it looks like a bunny! Very cool. Donna