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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grunge to Great in One Day!

Umm, perhaps the light is a little bright to give the viewer a great perspective on the utter grime and nastiness of this desk. Two teenage boys pawing the heck out of it for a few years. Only one knob left on the drawers. It was either try and make something of it or buy a new one. "Let's be resourceful" said the craigslist Queen.

So the boys and their dad sanded and picked out paint color and came up with a design that would not offend the finicky teenagers...
two coats of base, two coats on the stripe, fresh knobs and I am thinking it kinda rocks!!!
Not the most fun way to spend a 90 degree Sunday but we all have a great sense of accomplishment. May it inspire you, 'cause you know you have got some wretched piece of something somewhere and here is proof it can be saved!
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