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Monday, July 5, 2010

Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

"Welcome to hot and steamy Las Vegas, girls. You've had a long flight from Boston, I know, but we are glad you're here. Sit a spell, relax, sip on a frozen strawberry margarita. Melt those cares away and rest up, gals, there are no clocks here. And the inside of our casinos are perfectly climate controlled. On your mark, get set.....GO!"
After we spent the afternoon in the pool, at lunch at the poolside restaurant where the umbrellas misted us and the palm trees kept us shaded so we would not overheat...we got dressed and ventured out to the other casinos. This is Caesar's Palace. Opulence like I have never seen. Upscale shop this, imported tile, that.
This is not the outside. It is a handpainted ceiling, full of clouds, lit to create the perfect illusion. Perhaps a metaphor for the city itself?
Still hot at night, but a soft glow makes the city sparkle.
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