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Friday, July 30, 2010

when live gives you lemons....

as in ~ when they are replacing the sewer pipes on your street and the noise is making both your teeth and windows rattle at the same's time to get out of Dodge.
Go North young men! We thought a day in Rockport would be nice. And it was, but very warm. I tried to convince them to go to the beach but without any luck. Usually sitting on the rocks you catch some sort of breeze, but this was just a still summer day, beautiful, but not very refreshing even by the ocean.

So we grabbed some hot dogs and fries at "Top Dog" and...

had a great time playing with their magnet board. Sometimes the day brings unexpected things and sometimes you can have a lot of fun for a little money. If I had brought them to some lovely canopied place for lunch overlooking the harbor they would not have enjoyed their lunch as much as getting to play around with these word magnets and watch the cooks grills the hot dogs and sing to whatever was on the radio.
After an hour or so we retreated to air-conditioned Nordstrom because my little artist had a handpainted tile right in the floor there. About two years ago the Stone Zoo worked with the newly built Nordstrom on children's handpainted tiles to be placed in the floor in the children's department. It was a fundraiser, (50 bucks!) but I loved the idea as it would be a permanent installation. I had to work on the day of the Grand Opening party and so all of this time later, I had never seen Ronan's tile. Little cutie has mom's sunglasses on. He won't EVER wear any....but if I bring an extra pair, he puts them on. It's cute, well, for me. Carter cracked up everytime he looked at him and Ro kept saying "what are you laughing at?"
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