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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just breathe....

In times of trouble, in times of stress, in times when you are not sure what the answers are, I think we forget to lean into what is the most comfortable for us. Perhaps we think too hard about stuff, looking for peace and calm way outside ourselves and our space. There's is this saying "when you don't know what to do, do what's in front of you". I like that a lot. And what's always in front of me, literally are brushes. On most countertops and desktops in my house and I even keep them in my cup holder in the car to nudge me to get back to it!
For me, art is the thing that calms me down. I am as critical as anyone about being perfect or having just the "right" tools, in this case, proper watercolor paper, the best paints, the right brushes. Of course, it's silly, it's a big fat excuse. I signed up for a watercolor class. I hemmed and hawed over how far it was from my house and all of the above. I had taken a class with this teacher before so I already knew she was great.
What I didn't expect was how this class was there waiting for me all along. The experience of painting for me - or whatever it is for you - is meditative and it's like it literally feeds a part of my brain. Does that make sense? Like I "click in" during the time I am there.
I brought some samples from my garden for inspiration. The teacher says she is using a special technique and it will take us the whole 8 weeks to finish one painting. That's cool. I'll be there.
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